Booking Hire Stock 

  • Hire stock may be paid for either in full or by deposit.
    • Stock can be paid for in full through the website.
    • To pay by deposit, 20% deposit must be made, with the balance being paid no later than one week prior to pickup or delivery.
  • A bond is requirement with all order, this is refunded once stock has been reentered back into stock.
  • Prices are per day.
  • Stock being returned late, dirty or broken will incur fees.
  • Pickup – unless organised prior, pickup from store is on Saturday from 9-12pm.
  • Delivery, unless organised prior, is on Friday.
  • Returning of stock is on Monday morning by 10am.



  • Please order stock by the Wednesday prior to your event to ensure availability.
  • You can order either a stand alone tank, or a package to include balloons and ribbons.
  • Accessories for balloon tying are available.
  • Sucking helium is no laughing matter.  It is detrimental to your health, and we will not be responsible for any injuries incurred.



  • Please be aware that it is illegal to release balloons on the Sunshine Coast.
  • Yes, we do inflate balloons that are not ours – however, inflation needs to be paid for regardless of breakage.
  • Latex balloons without treatment will only last approx 10 – 12 hours.
  • Balloons must not be put in, or left in, a hot car – as helium expands with heat.
  • When discarding balloons, please “Pin it and bin”.